Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Backpacking Trips?

Backpacking trips are travels that we’ve formulated to let you experience more of the countries that you like to visit. Unlike package tours that confines you in a bus and keep you on a tight group, Backpacking trips gives you flexibility with your experience letting you experience a piece of their local life.

Will There Be A Tour Guide?

You will be with a backpacking leader who will help the group navigate the itinerary we’ve come up for you.

Why are flights not included?

While we can definitely assist booking a flight for you, booking at your own time will give you more financial flexibility. However, if you choose to let us handle your flights as well, we will create a travel fund for you or book you through your credit/debit card whenever cheap fares go on sale. We will not book you just any fare available specially if we feel that it costs more than it should. We want you to get the most bang out of your bucks!

When should I book my flight?

We will advise you that you can ahead and book your flight once the tour group is confirmed. A tour date is considered confirmed once the minimum number of participants (5 pax) has been reached. If the minimum number of participants has not been reached at least 50 days prior to the departure date the tour date will be cancelled. Participants will have the option of full refund, transfer to another travel option or another date.

What Flight Should I Book?

Depending on your travel group, you will be given the flight information that you should be booking through a trip primer sent via email.

Will there be private/shuttle transport services?

Generally, No. We would like you to have a feel of how it really is like to move around the city that we travel by using their public transportation.

Do I have to pay anything else while on the trip?

While we try to cover everything, you might want to bring some extra cash for shopping, meals, extra rice and some entertainment or any extra activities you’d like to do. We want to give you the freedom to choose the food that you like and the experience the way you want.

What is a travel fund

Travel Fund is a special amount that we will be in stewardship  as you provided. In general this will be allocated for booking cheap flights as they may become available. The travel fund is an independent fund separate from your installment or cash payment. However, a part of your installment may be used as a travel fund provided that the amount to be used is in excess of the required reservation.